Colaboración Intensa Con Las Voces En Mí Cabeza

This is the last winter look of the season. I’m very exited and ready for spring. It might take a little bit for the weather to warm out, but I’m not in a hurry. Layering up is fun any time of the year. I’ll miss you winter. I won’t be missing you that much though.… Continue reading Colaboración Intensa Con Las Voces En Mí Cabeza

Aventuras En El Polo Norte 

Cute polar bears and adorable penguins coming together to make my winter a bit comfy, warmer and fun. I know that this sweater might seem a little Christmasy. I meant to post this a while ago, but life got in the way. Better late than never.


Giving thanks should be a daily activity. No need to wait for Thanksgiving day to show that you appreciate all the blessings the universe has bestowed upon you. There’s always something that you can be grateful for. Me, for example, I’m grateful for my good friend Mamo-Chan, the love of my family, the presence of… Continue reading Agradecido